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Top Albums of 2010

While there were plenty of great releases this year I'm slightly disappointed. Looking back at some of last years releases it just feels like 2009 was a better year for Christian Music. But that's just my opinion. Anyway, here we go...

Note: I excluded EPs, all Christmas releases, Deluxe Editions, Special Editions, Expanded Editions, releases, Instrumental releases, and Film Scores. Otherwise John Mark McMillan would be on this list, and Hans Zimmer's Inception would be #1. It was undoubtedly my favorite release of the year!

15. Disappearing World - Fair

14. Miracle - Robbie Seay Band

13. An Airplane Carried Me to Bed - Sky Sailing

12. Tonight - tobyMac

11. Heaven Calling - Matt McCoy

10. Pieces of a Real Heart - Sanctus Real

9. Vessels - Ivoryline

8. Counting Stars - Andrew Peterson

7. The Light Meets The Dark - Tenth Avenue North

6. Flags - Brooke Fraser

5. Paper Tongues - Paper Tongues

4. The Shelter - Jars of Clay

3. Dark is The Way, Light is A Place - Anberlin

2. Suburba - House of Heroes

1. Of Men and Angels - The Rocket Summer

Honorable Mention: Beautifully Broken by Stephanie Meier. Which you can download

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nearness - Lovelite (Review)


Artist: Lovelite
Album: Nearness
Rating: 4/5
Release Date: October 5th, 2010

Track Listing:
1. Apathy
2. Brevity
3. Ambition
4. Nearness
5. Invisible One
6. I Belong
7. Finally Free
8. Perihelion


Lovelite is an indie rock/worship four piece act from San Diego, CA that consists of: husband and wife Andrew and Jen Polfer (vocals/guitars/keys), Adam Taylor (guitarist/keys) and Brandon Burr (bass). After nearly two years since releasing their first full length album, All Color on, the band that brought us songs like “There You Are”, “Honestly” and “Our Peace” brings us their newest and most astounding project to date, Nearness.

The album starts off with “Apathy”, a great opening song that gives you a good idea of what to expect from the rest of the album. It’s not quite as remarkable as “There You Are” which opened All Color, nonetheless, musically and lyrically it’s still a solid track and one of my personal favorites. The title track co-written by producer Tyler Chester. Although it’s under three minutes it is no doubt one of the most memorable songs on the whole album. Jen Polfer’s soft and sweet voice mesh beautifully with the songs heart warming music and simple lyrics, “Give me a nearness/I want to feel fire/Your friendship is tireless/Give me a nearness…”

The soft and intimate “I Belong” doesn’t offer quite as much musically, even so, the song grabs you with its honest and heartfelt lyrics. It’s a song that speaks of full surrender, full surrender to God. Sure, that’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but it’s the sincerity and heart in Andrew’s voice that make the song quite remarkable. The album closes beautifully with “Perihelion” (meaning: the point nearest the sun in the orbit of a planet or other celestial body), a one and a half minute “Nearness” reprise. With drawing musical comparisons to Athlete, Death Cab for Cutie, Keane, Radiohead and Eisley, plus with Andrew Polfer on vocals, these are perhaps my favorite tracks on the whole album; the instrumentation is simple, yet superb.

Compared to the band’s previous album All Color, sadly, there’s a lot less of Jen getting time behind the mic. While she compliments Andrew beautifully in the background, I would have liked to have heard more of her. At some points Nearness feels a bit darker sonically than All Color, but in a very good way, it brings the album a more intimate and emotional feel. Probably the biggest issue with the album is length. Call me greedy, but thirty-three minutes and eight tracks just isn’t enough! When I first got word the band was releasing a new album, I was absolutely thrilled! After a great album like All Color you can imagine how high my expectations were. I’m very pleased to say that the band exceeded all of my expectations.

Closing Thoughts
Overall; this is another solid release from Lovelite and I enjoyed the album a great deal. The music and lyrics flow beautifully because Andrew and Jen sound absolutely wonderful together. Musically this album is a breath of fresh air. It’s unique and refreshing, how often do you hear an organ and a Glockenspiel nowadays? I’d love to see the band go Instrumental for one release; it could be interesting, and no doubt amazing.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson's "Counting Stars" is finally available, today! Go out and get it!

Right now JesusFreakHideout is streaming the album, click HERE to listen.

NewReleaseTuesday is giving away the first track off the album "Many Roads."
Click HERE to download it.

And last, you can read my review on the album HERE.

Thank you for reading, and God bless you!

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Counting Stars - Andrew Peterson

This week JesusFreakHideout is streaming "Counting Stars" by Andrew Peterson, for your listening pleasure!

(Click on the image to listen.)

Album available July 27th, 2010.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Raising Up The Dead - Caedmon's Call

Woo-hoo! It's official! Caedmon's Call will be releasing a BRAND NEW ALBUM this Summer, entitled "Raising Up The Dead."

FINALLY! I cannot be more excited! You can find more info at Caedmon's Call's Official Website.

And just because Caedmon's Call is so amazing, they're giving away 2 BRAND NEW SONGS off the album. You can get them FREE by using the widget below! Don't forget to tell your friends, neighbors and strangers. Seriously, tell EVERYONE!

Raising Up The Dead / Coming Summer 2010 from Caedmon's Call on Vimeo.

Counting Stars - Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson. One of my favorite songwriters, will be releasing a NEW album on July 17th, 2010 entitled "Counting Stars."

Words cannot express my excitement and anticipation. I have no doubt that it will be one of the best albums of the year.


"Nashville is a town that attracts a lot of guys with guitars. On any given afternoon you’ll see them on the sidewalks, in the clubs, wandering around music row. You can’t miss them at the downtown Greyhound station and at the airport baggage claim. You see them lugging their instruments into and out of dozens of hotel and motel parking lots, packing them into the back seats of cars with out-of-state plates and driving off somewhere in the service of a paper-thin dream. And there’s always an attendant note of sadness because somehow, the picture always seems so transient, so unrooted. It’s almost as if Woody Guthrie were the patron saint of troubadours and the cost of entry into the guild is that you first have to be willing to leave your wife and kids and light out for parts unknown in the name of some abstract notion of freedom, repeating in some form for the rest of your life the sad, weary mantra that Tom Waits first opined: It was a train that took me away from here, but a train can’t bring me home." READ MORE

Andrew Peterson Talks About Counting Stars:

Dancing on Minefields (Music Video):

Again, the album will be available July 27th, 2010! You can pre-order the album by clicking on the image below. And you can download Andrew Peterson's NEW single "The Reckoning" HERE.

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Stole My Heart EP by Little & Ashley - Album Review

Artist: Little & Ashley
Album Title: Stole My Heart EP
Genre: Alternative
Release Date: March 18th 2010
Album Rating: 4 Stars

Purchase the album on Amazon.
Little & Ashley's Official Website.

Track Listing:

1. Stole My Heart
2. Telegrams To Mars
3. Fly Me Away
4. Missing You

Album Review...

The quirky California based songwriting duo got their start when they wrote and recorded "Fly Me Away" for an Amazon Kindle commercial contest entry, also starring Annie Little. The entry won and thus, the duo made a deal with Amazon to compose additional music for Amazon's Kindle commercial series. Annie Little and Marcus Ashley have each starred in numerous TV commercials and guest starred in numerous hit TV shows. So chances are you've already seen them and heard them, you just didn't know it! In addition, Ashley writes and records with the band American Weapon and Little is currently the face of Shade clothing.

The EP kicks off with the cute and quirky "Stole My Heart." This song is the whole reason I checked out Little & Ashley in the first place. I love everything about it, the music flows so beautifully with the lyrics. The chorus is catchy and sweet... "I love you, don't you see?/You Stole my heart 1-2-3/I love you, yes it' true/You stole my heart/And I'm gonna steal yours too..." Little & Ashley's vocals are superb.

The piano driven "Telegrams To Mars" is another personal favorite. I'm honestly not sure what the song is about but I love it! Little's vocals are beautiful and the music is unforgettable, I've had the melody stuck in my head all day. There's an innocence to it that is so refreshing. It made me feel like a day dreaming little girl again. It's an all around feel good song. The kind that makes you smile... "So lovely on my pillow/Spinning webs with rain bows/Sending telegrams to Mars..."

"Fly Me Away" is the shortest track on the EP. I didn't like this song quite as much as the other two. The lyrics felt somewhat like a children's story, ("Hidden walkways back in time/Endless stories, lover's crime/In my mind I've been set free/We'll take this journey, you and me...")
which I liked, but the music reminded me too much of a circus or carnival.

The EP ends with "Still Missing You." A song about a reconciliation between exes. I wasn't very fond of the lyrics, but the music was excellent!

Overall; this is a cute and quirky EP. I enjoyed it very much. Although I love Little's vocals, my only complaint is that we didn't hear enough of Ashley and I wish we would have because his voice accents Little's wonderfully, and I think it adds a little something extra. I will definitely keep an eye on the duo, in hopes of future releases.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Release Recap - April 20th 2010

This is something new I've decided to TRY to do every Wednesday. I listen to almost every Christian album that releases (that's the beauty of having no life. :P ) So I've decided to start a recap of all the releases that week, rate, review them and choose my favorite album of the week.

Here is a list of what released this week...
(excluding collections.)

Reinvention - Superchick
Our Graceful Words - Sent by Ravens
Write This Down - Write This Down
Made Me Glad - Miriam Webster
*Embrace - Ember*
Introducing Eoghan Heaslip - Eoghan Heaslip
Sixteen Cities - Sixteen Cities
Everything You've Been Looking For - Jaymes Reunion

Reinvention - Superchick
Rating: 3 Stars

Although I have paid close attention to Superchick over the past few years, I've never been much of a fan. If I were, I'd be very upset with Inpop Records. I honestly have no idea why they made the band release another remix album. And since this is nothing but a remix album, I'm only reviewing the three NEW songs on the album, which are... Let It Roll (sung by Matt Dally,) Still Here and With You. I had some high expectations for "Let It Roll" but it turned out to be a huge disappointment, it was nothing but a loud mess. "Still Here" and "With You" are slow, but dazzling, no doubt two of my favorite Superchick songs ever. The lyrics and music are both moving and emotional.

Our Graceful Words - Sent by Ravens
Rating: 3.5 Stars

I was very surprised to find such a clear message at times, in Sent by Ravens' first full length. I was expecting every bit to be one of those metaphorical albums that leaves you a bit baffled, such as Secret & Whispers latest album, does anyone have any clue what that album is about??? Anyway... I really liked the mix of yelling at times, I think it brought something more to each song, it didn't feel mindless or pointless at all. "Salt and The Light" is definitely my favorite song on the album, not just because it's a worship song but I love that the overall theme is love. "Stone Soup" is one of the heaviest songs on the album, but not one of the strongest, I only mention it because it has one of the coolest titles. Overall this is a solid rock album with some nice heavy moments in it. Definitely worth a listen... Or two.

Write This Down - Write This Down
Rating: 3 Stars

Unlike "Our Graceful Words," Write This Down left me a bit baffled at times, I'm not sure what most of the songs are about. I did like the mix of yelling and screaming, but unlike Sent by Ravens, it felt a little unnecessary and overdone at times. Although the lyrics don't make much sense most of the time, they are quite original. One of the most standout songs is "We Shot The Moon," it has one of the catchiest choruses I've heard this year ("We shot the moon, We shot the moon/And we will take it in stride/If we should lose, If we should lose/At least we gave it a try) I LOVED this song. I wish I could say the same for the vocals, but I feel I've heard this voice before. So... Overall WTD is nothing special vocally, but the album is creative and quite enjoyable, if you don't care to know what each and every lyric means.

Made Me Glad - Miriam Webster
Rating: 2.5 Stars

Miriam Webster's debut delivers some pleasant worship songs and encouraging lyrics. But unfortunately this is an average album, nothing special and very cliche' at times. There were some draggy moments as well. Nevertheless, I'm sure a lot of people will like it, if you're a fan of Kari Jobe you should probably check this album out.

Introducing Eoghan Heaslip - Eoghan Heaslip
Rating: 3 Stars

I've been a huge fan of Eoghan Heaslip's for about 5 years now, he is not doubt one of my favorite worship artists. I wish I could say this EP was AMAZING but sadly, it was BARELY better than Miriam Webster's "Made Me Glad." This is probably the biggest disappointment of the week, in fact the only reason I'm giving it a 3 out 5 is because I'm bias, I admit it. For a more detailed review, just check out my review over at CMR. I don't feel like repeating myself.

Sixteen Cities - Sixteen Cities
Rating: 3.5 Stars

I've been a fan of these guys since they were Issakar, so I was pretty excited when I heard they were finally releasing their official debut album. I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed, this is exactly what I expected from these guys. I was surprised to find a stronger message in this album than their previous album, released under Issakar. And I was even more surprised that none of the songs from their previous album made this one, I was really hoping "Hold Me" would be on it, at the very least. Nevertheless, this is a solid debut that's definitely worth checking out. Some standout tracks are "Just Wanna Dance," "Sing Along" and "Winter." I found "Winter" to be the most emotional and moving song on the album, it's about trying to find your way back home, one of the most perfect endings ever. This is no doubt my favorite release of the week. If it wasn't considered unprofessional, there'd be a little smiley face right about HERE.

Everything You've Been Looking For - Jaymes Reunion
Rating: 3 Stars

Ever since I heard "Fine" on the radio (way back when) I instantly decided I didn't like this band. But I decided to give these guys a second chance and thoroughly listen to their album. Unfortunately it didn't do much good, I'm not sure exactly what it is I don't like about the album... It's not so much one thing, but everything. In all honesty... It's not a BAD album, the music is catchy, the lyrics are pretty good at times, this is just not my kind of thing.


That's it for this week. I hope you all have a nice weekend and God bless.

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Free Music From Come&Live!

Right now Come&Live! is giving away Ian McIntosh's "Alive" and Everett's "Destination EP" for FREE!

This is one of the best deals I have come across in a while. Both albums are absolutely wonderful!

(click on the images to download)

Come&Live! is also offering free music from:

Great Awakening
Preson Phillips
Ember Days
Ascend The Hill
So Long Forgotten
Holding Onto Hope
Song of God
The Frozen Ocean
I Am Alpha and Omega
White Collar Sideshow
Daniel Bashta

Trinity - Paper Tongues (Free Music)

THIS WEEK ONLY iTunes is offering "Trinity" by Paper Tongues for FREE as their "Single of The Week!"

(click any image to download)

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Heaven Calling - Matt McCoy (Album Review)

Artist: Matt McCoy
Album Title: Heaven Calling
Release Date: March 2010
Album Rating: 5 Stars

Buy The Album at:

Twitter: @MattMcCoy

Track Listing:
1. My Eyes Are Fixed On You
2. Stronger Than The Storm
3. Sovereign King
4. Alleluia
5. Take Control
6. You Will Be My Song
7. Will You Carry Me?
8. I Know I'm Yours
9. Trust in The Lord
10. Kindness
11. I Choose You
12. You've Given Everything
13. Calling Home

Album Review:

Although this is Matt McCoy's first full length album, the young independent Worship Leader/Singer/Songwriter is no stranger. His music has been featured on Vineyard Music, he has shared the stage with artists such as Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Delirious? and Tim Hughes. Just to name a few. Born and raised in San Diego, California Matt now resides in Chicago, IL and has since been on staff at Willow Creek Community Church and Harvest Bible Chapel, where he currently serves.

After almost two years since the release of "Raise the Flag Again," Matt McCoy finally brings us his first full-length album "Heaven Calling." A refreshing and powerful worship album.

The album opens with "My Eyes Are Fixed on You." A great upbeat Modern Worship song that is somewhat reminiscent of Worship Leader Kristian Stanfill, as are a few other songs ("Trust in The Lord" and "Sovereign King.")

The upbeat and catchy "Trust in The Lord" is sure to be an instant favorite. I've had it on repeat for a while. You can't help but feel good and smile when you hear it: ("Trust in the Lord, be set apart/He will give you the desires of Your heart/Trust in the Lord, don't fall apart/He is the One who has overcome...") It's a wonderful reminder that God is always faithful.

Songs like "Alleluia" and "Will You Carry Me?" are emotional and moving. The piano driven "Will You Carry Me?" is a song of God's forgiveness, while "Alleluia" is much simpler, with guest vocals by Lindsay McCaul... ("Alleluia, Alleluia/Praise to You, Praise to You/Alleluia")

"Calling Home" ends the album beautifully. Although it's just a simple "Hallelujah" chorus, the instrumentation itself is pure worship. Without a doubt one of my favorites off the album.

While there are a couple of songs that speak of forgiveness, Matt's sole focus throughout the album is worship. There are very few artists who can capture the very essence of praise and worship; Matt McCoy is one of those few. If I had to compare him to anyone it would be Kristian Stanfill and Jason Morant.

"Raise The Flag Again" is one of my favorite worship albums so I had high expectations for "Heaven Calling." I'm happy to say I was not disappointed. In fact, the album surpassed all my expectations. What I love more than anything, is the passion and sincerity in Matt's voice. His heart for God is evident in every aspect. "Heaven Calling" will definitely be on my Top 20 list at the end of the year. It's a great and powerful album. It moved and touched me in a mighty way.


My Eyes Are Fixed On You
Will You Carry Me?
I Know I'm Yours
Trust in The Lord
Calling Home

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beautifully Broken - Stephanie Meier (Music Download)

My good friend Stephanie Meier is currently offering her album "Beautifully Broken" for FREE on NoiseTrade.

Just enter your email address and postal code in the widget and the album is yours!
If you'd like to listen before you download you can. Just click on the widget to preview the album.

Album Title: Beautifully Broken
Artist: Stephanie Meier
Release Date: March 13th 2010
Album Rating: 4.5 stars.

Track Listing:
1. Dancing on Glass
2. My World
3. Walking On Water
4. Head Over Heels
5. Shooting Stars

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Of Men and Angels - The Rocket Summer (Album Preview)

This week The Rocket Summer is giving fans a chance to preview of their new album Of Men and Angels before it releases next week.

(click on the image to listen.)

Album Title: Of Men and Angels
Artist: The Rocket Summer
Release Date: February 23rd 2010
Album Rating: 5 Stars

Track Listing:
1. Roses
2. You Gotta Believe
3. Hills and Valleys
4. I Want Something To Live For
5. Walls
6. Pull Myself Together
7. Of Men and Angels
8. I Need a Break... But I'd Rather Have a Breakthrough
9. Nothing Matters
10. Japanese Exchange Student
11. Tara, I'm Terrible
12. Hey!
13. Let It Go
14. This is a Refuge
15. Light

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Come&Live! (Free Music)

Today independent record label Come&Live! launched their NEW website! Check it out!

Right now Come&Live! is giving away free music by Ascend The Hill, Holding On To hope, So Long Forgotten, The Ember Days, and Sons of God. More music will be available soon from artists like Ian MciIntosh, Everett, Lovelite, Great Awakening, and MORE!

(click on the image to download.)

ShowStopper - tobyMac (Music Video)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tonight - tobyMac (Album Preview & Quick Thoughts)

This week Yahoo! is streaming tobyMac's newest album Tonight one week before it releases!

(click on image to listen.)

Album Title: Tonight
Artist: tobyMac
Release Date: February 9th 2010
Album Rating: 4.5 Stars

Track Listing:
1. Tonight (featuring John Cooper of Skillet)
2. Get Back Up
3. Funky Jesus Music (featuring Beckah Shae Siti Monroe)
4. City On Our Knees
5. ShowStopper
6. Changed Forever (featuring Nirva Ready)
7. Hold On
8. Loud n Clear
9. Hey Devil
10. Wonderin' (featuring Matt Thiessen of Relient K)
11. Captured
12. Starts Somewhere
13. Break Open The Sky (featuring Israel Houghton)

Quick Thoughts...

It's been three years since Grammy award winning artist tobyMac released his third studio album Portable Sounds. The three year gap between his albums is a long time to wait for any tobyMac fan. But I'm sure any fan would agree that unlike Portable Sounds this album was well worth the wait! After Portable Sounds I honestly wasn't expecting much from this album but I was surprisingly WOWed and impressed. I loved all of the guest vocalists, especially Matthew Thiessen, him and toby just sound so great together!

The title track starts the album off very nicely with guest vocals by Skillet's John Cooper. John and toby make a great pair as well. Songs like Tonight, Funky Jesus Music, and ShowStopper were fun, catchy and musically infectious. While songs like City On Our Knees, Hold On, and Break Open The Sky were light and refreshing. I know a lot of people are already sick of City On Our Knees but I never get tired of hearing it. And no tobyMac album would be complete without Tru-Dog ("Loud n Clear.") Break Open The Sky was a wonderful ending to a great album, it had a tropical feel to it with a light Jamaican twist. When I read "featuring Israel Houghton" I thought it was going to be a little out of place but it all came together perfectly.

Overall this is a GREAT album. I really enjoyed every minute of it. tobyMac really surprised me! I know it's a little early in the year... But Tonight is definitely my favorite album of the year (so far.) I'm sure I'll have it on repeat for a while. So check it out! You won't be disappointed.

Favorite Songs:
Hey Devil
Get Back Up
City On Our Knees

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For Those Who Wait - Fireflight (Album Preview)

This week ONLY is streaming Fireflight's newest album For Those Who Wait.

(Free registration is required. Click on the image to listen.)

Title: For Those Who Wait
Artist: Fireflight
Release Date: Feburary 9th 2010
Album Rating: 3 stars

Track Listing:
1. For Those Who Wait
2. Desperate
3. Fire In My Eyes
4. Core of My Addiction
5. What I've Overcome
6. Name
7. New Perspective
8. You Give Me That Feeling
9. All I Need To Be
10. Recovery Begins

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Free Music for Tuesday Jan. 26th

From now till February 1st dPulse is giving away Kevin Max's "Traveler Mora Brothers Remixes" for free!
Note: Registartion is required.

And Tenth Avenue North is offering fans a free download of "Beloved (Acoustic Version.)" Click HERE to download it.

To the Secrets and Knowledge - Number One Gun (Album Preview)

This week ONLY Aol Music. is streaming To the Secrets and Knowledge by Number One Gun.

(click on the image to listen.)

Title: To the Secrets and Knowledge
Artist: Number One Gun
Release Date: January 26th 2010
Album Rating: 3 Stars

Track Listing:
1. The Victory
2. Big Machines
3 Forest
4. Noises
5. Hey Stranger
6. The People
7. White Lies
8. Look to Pass
9. Try It
10. Don't Stop Believing

Excuses - Deas Vail (Music Video)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Disappearing World - Fair (Preview & Quick Thoughts)

This week ONLY is streaming Disappearing World by Fair two weeks before it releases!

You do need to be a member in order to preview the album. Membership is free, click HERE to join and earn 25 bonus points for signing up!

Title: Disappearing World
Artist: Fair
Release Date: February 9th 2010
Album Rating: 4 Stars

Track Listing:
1. Disappearing World
2. Wayside
3. Walking In My Sleep
4. One Last Time
5. Take Some Risks
6. The Escape Artist
7. It's Doubtful
8. The Worst Of Your Wear
9. Great Divide
10. Anymore

Quick Thoughts...

It's been four years since Fair's debut album "The Best Worst-Case Scenario" was released. Four years is a long time to wait for a sophomore album. But I think any Fair fan would agree it was well worth the wait! Even if you weren't a fan of their debut album you should definitely give this album a listen.

Disappearing World is definitely my favorite Fair song, hands down. I love it lyrically and musically. It just fits so perfectly with Aaron Sprinkles vocals. Songs like One Last Time, Take Some Risks, and It's Doubtful have a refreshing retro feel to them. I really liked every song, they're all just... SO GOOD. The only disappointment is how the title track starts the album off so nicely but Anymore just didn't end the album quite as well, the song is only okay.

Over all Disappearing World is not amazing but it is a GOOD album. I'd definitely buy it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Born Again EP - Newsboys (Preview & Quick Thoughts)

Newboys is streaming their new EP "Born Again EP" (only available at shows) on Facebook RIGHT NOW!
(click on the image to listen.)

Title:Born Again EP
Artist: Newsboys
Album Rating: 4 Stars

Track Listing:
1. Born Again
2. Light Up
3. I'll Be
4. One Shot
5. On Your Knees

Quick Thoughts...

Back in March of 2009 when Peter Furler announced he was leaving Newsboys, and Michael Tait would be replacing him, I really flipped! I can't believe it's been almost a year since Peter left. I LOVE Michael's voice, and he's a wonderful artist! But Peter Furler is and will ALWAYS be, one of my favorite male vocalists and songwriters. I miss him. Newsboys will never be the same without him. I hadn't been able to get use to the idea of Michael Tait taking over as lead vocalist, till now... Born Again is GREAT! It's no Newsboys. This is definitely different, in EVERY WAY. It's more like a fresh new Tait with the band members of Newsboys.

Born Again, Light Up, and One Shot are fun and upbeat. I'll Be and On Your Knees are nice, slower tunes with great messages! Born Again's chorus is really catchy, I've had it stuck in my head for days! One Shot is about speaking out and speaking up about God's love no matter what people think or say. I love the Twitter and Facebook references. I'll Be is a reminder that when everything in your life has fallen apart and everyone is gone, the Lord will ALWAYS be there. On Your Knees is definitely my favorite song and a great finish! It's a reminder that when you're broken and you've fallen and you've lost all hope, just get on your knees. Get on your knees. Because God is there to rescue you and pull you through.

Overall it's a very enjoyable EP. I've had the whole thing on repeat for days, I just can't stop listening to it. Michael Tait's vocals are better than ever! The NEW Newsboys have caught my attention and I'm actually looking forward to the full length album releasing later this year.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Set The Rhythm - Newworldson (Free Download)

This week Inpop Records is giving away Newworldson's "You Set The Rhythm" off their latest self-titled album which releases February 23rd 2010.

(click the image to download.)

If you'd like to find out more about Newworldson please visit their MySpace

Or if you'd like to pre-order their self-titled album for only $6.95 visit

For more info on Inpop Records and other Inpop Artist's visit Inpops Official Website.

Many blessings and thanks for reading!

Born Again - Newsboys (Music Video)

newsboys "Born Again" *Official Music Video* from newsboys on Vimeo.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Losers - Me In Motion (Music Video)

“I’m trying to write songs that will inspire people to ‘live’ in a way they never have before, to realize that loving everyone, regardless of circumstance, is what it’s really all about. Doing simple things like helping their neighbors, or sitting by a lonely kid at the lunch table at school, or giving someone an open ear--It’s often those little things that let people around us know how much they’re really loved.”
--Seth Mosley, lead vocals/guitar, Me In Motion

Me In Motion
Self-Titled Debut: Spring 2010
Seth Mosley (lead vocals/guitar)
Tim Wilson (bass/background vocals)
Brian Dexter (drums/background vocals)

It’s not that there haven’t been other 3-piece rock bands capable of producing a towering barrage of sound. And it’s not there haven’t been other hard-touring indie outfits that racked up tens of thousands of miles and tens of thousands of fans before they stepped up to the majors and signed a label deal, either. In this particular case though, the thing that really sets Centricity Music’s new artist Me In Motion apart from their peers is the speed with which they’ve reached this point—that and the fact that none of it seems to have gone to their heads.

Formed in mid-2006 by then-nineteen-year-old writer-artist-producer-wunderkind Seth Mosley, Me In Motion had by 2008 already grabbed the attention of GMA producer-of-the-year Ian Eskelin, signed a development deal and began the regular commute from Ohio to Nashville to write and record a full length project. When Centricity Music bought the masters and signed the band in 2009, Seth’s production skills had already so rapidly matured that he was the obvious choice to produce the remaining handful of songs for the band’s self-titled debut. Or, as Eskelin remarked when he heard the new batch of hooky, brit-rock influenced demos: “Dang. Those guys don’t need me anymore.” Flash forward a few short months. Mosley has not only produced the back half of Me In Motion’s record, he’s producing or co-producing several tracks on the next Newsboys album, many of which he also co-wrote. Not to mention the fact that Me In Motion is already signed to tour with the Newsboys.

Okay, time out. Let’s rewind for a second. Who are these guys again? And didn’t anybody see this coming?

“It’s a bit ironic,” Seth laughs, “that the first CD I ever owned was the Newsboys Take Me To Your Leader. I would stay up all night cranking up that thing in my walkman. I was enamored with music and concerts from a pretty young age, started learning guitar when I was twelve and played on stage for the first time at fifteen. I started a little recording studio in my parents’ basement and all through high school I was producing and writing for my friends’ bands, as well as leading worship for youth services at my church.”

After high school, Mosley planned to pursue a music degree in Nashville. In fact, he had already completed a week of freshman orientation when he got a call offering him a full-time studio production job in Ohio. After some intense soul-searching, Seth packed up, left Nashville and took the production gig. It was while working there that he met bassist Tim Wilson and drummer Brian Dexter who would eventually form the remaining two-thirds of Me In Motion.

“Working long days there,” Seth explains, “made me realize pretty quick that there was something deep down inside pushing me toward being an artist. I had so many songs in my head screaming to be heard. I didn’t care if it was ever a big commercial success or not. I just knew I couldn’t spend the next twenty years sitting in a recording studio. Enter Me In Motion. We formed the band, hit the road and haven’t looked back since.”

In Seth’s world, “since” is a scant three years (but hey, in his defense, that’s about 15% of his life so far…). In that short span though, the fledgling band has toured almost full-time, winning over hundreds of audiences with their loud, sweaty, no-holds-barred rock n’ roll stage show that showcases their passionate blend of raw pop and worship and their almost insane level of interaction with fans.

“From the very beginning,” Seth explains, “Tim, Brian and I wanted Me In Motion to be remembered by fans as the band that was always available and accessible. That’s why we hang out at the merchandise table before and after our shows, just to connect with the kids who come out to see us. And it really has a big impact on people when you take that time with them instead of just getting up on stage, playing your set and splitting. It really matters to kids and a lot of them leave messages on our facebook page afterwards to let us know. We also post a new online video content weekly and do a lot of twittering to make fans feel even more a part of our community. One of our primary missions is to make sure that Me In Motion never loses that aspect of who we are.”

Even as they were grinding out show after show and connecting with fans those first couple of years, the band was also honing their chops and defining their sound, ultimately staking their claim in that corner of the musical landscape that includes influences like Jet, Foo Fighters, Switchfoot, Oasis, The Killers, Weezer, The Bravery and the Beatles.

“I don’t think there’s a much better education than what you get being on the road,” Seth says. “A few years of being a traveling band sleeping on couches and floors and hearing so many different life stories has an effect on you. It all figures into what we sound like and write about now. Musically, we’ve landed in a place that’s a lot more straight up rock n’ roll than we would have done before. But that’s because we’ve discovered it’s what we love to play live and we’ve embraced the ‘less is more’ philosophy in a musical sense, just stripping it back and rocking out.”

A huge part of Me In Motion’s unique identity as a group is expressed in their first radio single Losers. The aggressive, groove-based anthem instantly emerged as a huge crowd pleaser and as a song with power to affirm and motivate listeners.

“Losers is a banner song for anyone who has ever felt rejected by their peers,” Seth says, “whether it’s because of how they look, something that’s different about them, or because they’re trying to follow Jesus in a world that looks at that as strange. But the song is also a callout for us to open our eyes and see the ‘least of these’ that Jesus talked about who are all around us. My favorite line in Losers says, ‘Maybe that’s a four-eyed Jesus, coming from a broken home…’. So the song is saying let’s look at people through eyes of mercy and compassion as Jesus would and let’s love them as if they were Jesus because he told us as we do unto them, we do unto him.”

Other standout songs on the project include the Coldplay-esque ballad Back To You (a personalized nod to the prodigal son narrative), the infectious, caffeine-on-eleven rollercoaster ride of Leaving Here Someday, and the energetically bright and dark (uh…you’ll understand when you hear it…) show-opener Gotta Be Something, which sets out to deconstruct our culture’s shallow view of happiness and refocus our attention on something more enduring.

“Gotta Be Something is kind of a manifesto,” Seth observes. “It’s saying that we reject what the world sells us as the definition of what it really means to live life to the fullest. This world’s misconstrued ideas of happiness and success don’t really mean anything in the grand scheme, so let’s stop chasing them. When we sing that it’s as much a reminder to us as it is to our audience.”

That same tendency towards introspective conviction even played into the band’s name choice. Me In Motion was inspired by Russian writer Leo Tolstoy’s quote: “Everybody thinks about changing the world, but nobody thinks about changing himself.” The idea of seeing oneself as a work in progress. Of seeing the sanctification process as a joint venture between the Spirit of God and a human heart emerged early on as one of the band’s central tenets.

“I always find myself going back to the theme of wanting to make a difference,” Seth explains, “to live out our faith, even when it might be the hardest thing in the world to do. My heart for myself, the band, the kids and families that hear Me In Motion’s music is that all of us will be inspired to break out of these little bubbles that we so often find ourselves retreating into and to show everybody a little bit of Jesus’ love every day. It’s a bit of a scary thought because I personally like to have a 10-step guide for what to do and how to do it rather than just a basic rule that says, ‘Alright, get out there and love God and people as much as you can!’ But isn’t that what faith is for at the end of the day? Living a true life of love, I’ve found, is never the easy life. But it’s the real life. It’s the only life that fulfills who we’re meant to be.”

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Lovelite Interview

An interview with Jen Polfer of Lovelite.

“Lovelite’s purpose as a band is to inspire praise in the hearts of God’s people and desire in the hearts of the lost. Lovelite does this through musical worship. Worship is eternal, even in the musical sense; and they want to spread that truth from city to city, offering the lost and the church a chance to join in the song of the saved. Lovelite is a worship band that desires to help all ages of people find God through music and direct their worship towards Him while offering a unique take on congregational music.

In the early stages of marriage Andrew and Jen Polfer began to realize their great desire to write songs for the church. Their singable melodies and creative arrangements quickly compelled the other members-to-be to form Lovelite.”

1. Where did the band name come from?

Jen: Lovelite comes from Ephesians 5:8 which says that we were once in darkness but now are in light. We are to "love light" rather than darkness. The spelling is purely for symmetry.

2. How did you and Andrew get into music? Had you guys always planned in being in music or did it just happen?

Jen: We both got into music through our youth groups.
Andrew led worship for his high school youth band starting at age 16. I led acoustic worship at her high school youth group also starting at age 16. At age 17, I moved from Los Angeles county to Paso Robles (where Andrew grew up), we met through our school Christian club and began leading worship together at the youth group that he grew up in. We both had a love for music and ministry and hoped that we'd be able to continue to do it for some sort of life career.

3. I downloaded "All Color" some months back and I just fell in love with the first track "There You Are"! It's so beautiful! Can you tell ne how it came to be?

Jen: "There You Are" came from a time when we both felt unable to see God working; this was our mutual response to that season in our lives. God used this song to remind us that He is alive, moving and present whether we feel Him or not. We were also inspired by 2 Tim. 2:13, "If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself."

4. Which song on "All Color" means the most to you and why?

Jen: That would have to be "Unrivaled." Andrew was going through a time in his life when he felt like a lot of temporal things were taking over the front of his mind. There was one morning when he was noticing that the sun is the only star in the sky during the day, while at night the stars are innumerable. We tend to look at our lives like we look at the night sky: one star is work, one is school, one is family, one is God, etc. But during the day, there is only one star: the sun. God gently reminded him that He (God) should be like the sun: just that one star that is so bright it outshines all the others. God is truly the unrivaled and unmatched King.

5. I heard you guys are working on a new album and I'm so exited about it! Has the process of this album been any different than your previous album and EP?

Jen: We are very excited about the progress of our new EP which we have recently decided to title, "Nearness." Each time we record, it's a little different. This time around has been really fun and smooth ride so far. We are working with a very talented producer in Long Beach named Tyler Chester and are pleased to have just found out that it will be mixed by Brad Wood who has mixed a lot of our favorite albums. We hope to release "Nearness" by early 2010.

6. You and Andrew co-write pretty much all of your song's. What's the writing process like for you guys?

Jen: Andrew is the idea man. He usually comes up with a skeleton for the song: hook line, chorus, concept, etc. Then my main role is to help strengthen what's already there like the vocal pattern and chord progressions. We always joke that Andrew is the poet and I'm the editor because he comes up with beautiful lyrics but I help them to connect and make sense.

7. Another one of my favorite song's off "All Color" is "One and Only". Can you tell me how that song came to be?

Jen: We wanted to write a song that the church would be able to sing together. We felt like the lyrics to One and Only were appropriate for our culture today. We are so fast passed and tend to throw things out that don't work for us right away, but God is where we find home, where we find permanency. He is worthy of eternal love.

8. Who are some of your musical influences?

Jen: In terms of worship music, Jason Morant is a hero to both of us. Lyrically, he is great at finding new ways of talking about concepts that are a thousand years old, and his music has encouraged both of us over and over again. In terms of genre, we both also love indie music such as Arcade Fire, Athlete and Death Cab for Cutie. Those types of bands continue to inspire our musical style.

9. When someone listens to your music what do you hope they'll take from it?

Jen: We are trying to give a unique and atmospheric approach to congregational worship music. Our goal is for people to be able to have a worship experience through music that they can relate to and enjoy. We also pray that God will use the words He's inspired us with to bring healing and bind up the brokenness that grips the lives of so many. Our passionate prayer is that God will also use these songs to wash and mend hurting hearts.

10. If you could work with anyone in the music industry who would it be?

Jen: We are actually already honored to be working with the person we respect more than anyone we've met in the Christian music industry and that's Chad Johnson. We are currently signed with a new non-profit record label called "Come&Live!" started by former A&R of Tooth&Nail Records, Chad Johnson. The idea behind this label is to raise support the same way a missionary would and then give our music away for free. The vision is for young people to be able to receive uplifting music that glorifies God without having to pay for it. You can read all about Come&Live! at "All Color" is the first album that we released under Come&Live!.


11. There's a lot going on in the world. As a Christian artist, what are some important social issues that you think should be highlighted in your art?

Jen: Of course love is the number one message that we want to spread. There are so many ways that the church has become a clanging symbol; we spend so much time telling the world what they're doing wrong when we should be telling them what Jesus did right.

Another area that we are passionate about is poverty and homelessness. In the past we've worked with shelters and hope to be able to do more of that. That's also one of the reasons that being a part of Come&Live! made so much sense to us; their whole foundation is based around living a lifestyle of simplicity so that those who have less can benefit from the abundance that God has given to the rest of us. The Come&Live! slogan: "Live simply to give generously."

12. What's your favorite scripture and why?

Andrew: "There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit." Rom. 8:1. It's just simple, beautiful, and sums everything up.

Jen: "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Phil. 4:6-7. In the past and even in the present I have dealt with worry and anxiety. This passage has never failed to meet me in a place of frustration and pull me back into victory and peace.

Again, thank you so much for doing this! May God bless you and Andrew abundantly in all that you do!

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