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Great Awakening
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Ascend The Hill
So Long Forgotten
Holding Onto Hope
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White Collar Sideshow
Daniel Bashta

Trinity - Paper Tongues (Free Music)

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Heaven Calling - Matt McCoy (Album Review)

Artist: Matt McCoy
Album Title: Heaven Calling
Release Date: March 2010
Album Rating: 5 Stars

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Twitter: @MattMcCoy

Track Listing:
1. My Eyes Are Fixed On You
2. Stronger Than The Storm
3. Sovereign King
4. Alleluia
5. Take Control
6. You Will Be My Song
7. Will You Carry Me?
8. I Know I'm Yours
9. Trust in The Lord
10. Kindness
11. I Choose You
12. You've Given Everything
13. Calling Home

Album Review:

Although this is Matt McCoy's first full length album, the young independent Worship Leader/Singer/Songwriter is no stranger. His music has been featured on Vineyard Music, he has shared the stage with artists such as Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Delirious? and Tim Hughes. Just to name a few. Born and raised in San Diego, California Matt now resides in Chicago, IL and has since been on staff at Willow Creek Community Church and Harvest Bible Chapel, where he currently serves.

After almost two years since the release of "Raise the Flag Again," Matt McCoy finally brings us his first full-length album "Heaven Calling." A refreshing and powerful worship album.

The album opens with "My Eyes Are Fixed on You." A great upbeat Modern Worship song that is somewhat reminiscent of Worship Leader Kristian Stanfill, as are a few other songs ("Trust in The Lord" and "Sovereign King.")

The upbeat and catchy "Trust in The Lord" is sure to be an instant favorite. I've had it on repeat for a while. You can't help but feel good and smile when you hear it: ("Trust in the Lord, be set apart/He will give you the desires of Your heart/Trust in the Lord, don't fall apart/He is the One who has overcome...") It's a wonderful reminder that God is always faithful.

Songs like "Alleluia" and "Will You Carry Me?" are emotional and moving. The piano driven "Will You Carry Me?" is a song of God's forgiveness, while "Alleluia" is much simpler, with guest vocals by Lindsay McCaul... ("Alleluia, Alleluia/Praise to You, Praise to You/Alleluia")

"Calling Home" ends the album beautifully. Although it's just a simple "Hallelujah" chorus, the instrumentation itself is pure worship. Without a doubt one of my favorites off the album.

While there are a couple of songs that speak of forgiveness, Matt's sole focus throughout the album is worship. There are very few artists who can capture the very essence of praise and worship; Matt McCoy is one of those few. If I had to compare him to anyone it would be Kristian Stanfill and Jason Morant.

"Raise The Flag Again" is one of my favorite worship albums so I had high expectations for "Heaven Calling." I'm happy to say I was not disappointed. In fact, the album surpassed all my expectations. What I love more than anything, is the passion and sincerity in Matt's voice. His heart for God is evident in every aspect. "Heaven Calling" will definitely be on my Top 20 list at the end of the year. It's a great and powerful album. It moved and touched me in a mighty way.


My Eyes Are Fixed On You
Will You Carry Me?
I Know I'm Yours
Trust in The Lord
Calling Home

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beautifully Broken - Stephanie Meier (Music Download)

My good friend Stephanie Meier is currently offering her album "Beautifully Broken" for FREE on NoiseTrade.

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If you'd like to listen before you download you can. Just click on the widget to preview the album.

Album Title: Beautifully Broken
Artist: Stephanie Meier
Release Date: March 13th 2010
Album Rating: 4.5 stars.

Track Listing:
1. Dancing on Glass
2. My World
3. Walking On Water
4. Head Over Heels
5. Shooting Stars