Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Of Men and Angels - The Rocket Summer (Album Preview)

This week The Rocket Summer is giving fans a chance to preview of their new album Of Men and Angels before it releases next week.

(click on the image to listen.)

Album Title: Of Men and Angels
Artist: The Rocket Summer
Release Date: February 23rd 2010
Album Rating: 5 Stars

Track Listing:
1. Roses
2. You Gotta Believe
3. Hills and Valleys
4. I Want Something To Live For
5. Walls
6. Pull Myself Together
7. Of Men and Angels
8. I Need a Break... But I'd Rather Have a Breakthrough
9. Nothing Matters
10. Japanese Exchange Student
11. Tara, I'm Terrible
12. Hey!
13. Let It Go
14. This is a Refuge
15. Light

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Come&Live! (Free Music)

Today independent record label Come&Live! launched their NEW website! Check it out!

Right now Come&Live! is giving away free music by Ascend The Hill, Holding On To hope, So Long Forgotten, The Ember Days, and Sons of God. More music will be available soon from artists like Ian MciIntosh, Everett, Lovelite, Great Awakening, and MORE!

(click on the image to download.)

ShowStopper - tobyMac (Music Video)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tonight - tobyMac (Album Preview & Quick Thoughts)

This week Yahoo! is streaming tobyMac's newest album Tonight one week before it releases!

(click on image to listen.)

Album Title: Tonight
Artist: tobyMac
Release Date: February 9th 2010
Album Rating: 4.5 Stars

Track Listing:
1. Tonight (featuring John Cooper of Skillet)
2. Get Back Up
3. Funky Jesus Music (featuring Beckah Shae Siti Monroe)
4. City On Our Knees
5. ShowStopper
6. Changed Forever (featuring Nirva Ready)
7. Hold On
8. Loud n Clear
9. Hey Devil
10. Wonderin' (featuring Matt Thiessen of Relient K)
11. Captured
12. Starts Somewhere
13. Break Open The Sky (featuring Israel Houghton)

Quick Thoughts...

It's been three years since Grammy award winning artist tobyMac released his third studio album Portable Sounds. The three year gap between his albums is a long time to wait for any tobyMac fan. But I'm sure any fan would agree that unlike Portable Sounds this album was well worth the wait! After Portable Sounds I honestly wasn't expecting much from this album but I was surprisingly WOWed and impressed. I loved all of the guest vocalists, especially Matthew Thiessen, him and toby just sound so great together!

The title track starts the album off very nicely with guest vocals by Skillet's John Cooper. John and toby make a great pair as well. Songs like Tonight, Funky Jesus Music, and ShowStopper were fun, catchy and musically infectious. While songs like City On Our Knees, Hold On, and Break Open The Sky were light and refreshing. I know a lot of people are already sick of City On Our Knees but I never get tired of hearing it. And no tobyMac album would be complete without Tru-Dog ("Loud n Clear.") Break Open The Sky was a wonderful ending to a great album, it had a tropical feel to it with a light Jamaican twist. When I read "featuring Israel Houghton" I thought it was going to be a little out of place but it all came together perfectly.

Overall this is a GREAT album. I really enjoyed every minute of it. tobyMac really surprised me! I know it's a little early in the year... But Tonight is definitely my favorite album of the year (so far.) I'm sure I'll have it on repeat for a while. So check it out! You won't be disappointed.

Favorite Songs:
Hey Devil
Get Back Up
City On Our Knees

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For Those Who Wait - Fireflight (Album Preview)

This week ONLY is streaming Fireflight's newest album For Those Who Wait.

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Title: For Those Who Wait
Artist: Fireflight
Release Date: Feburary 9th 2010
Album Rating: 3 stars

Track Listing:
1. For Those Who Wait
2. Desperate
3. Fire In My Eyes
4. Core of My Addiction
5. What I've Overcome
6. Name
7. New Perspective
8. You Give Me That Feeling
9. All I Need To Be
10. Recovery Begins