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Becki Ryan Interview

An interview with Worship leader Becki Ryan. The interview took place in September 2009.

"Becki Ryan and her husband Devon are actively involved with Life Connections International, a short term missions organization and LoveWorks.

She and her husband partenered with LoveWorks currently live in Denmark in Northern Europe."

In the past Becki has also lent her beautiful voice to big acts such as Amy Grant, Hilary Duff, and Clay Aiken.

1. How did you become a Singer/Songwriter for the Lord? Was it something you always planned or did it just happen?

I think from the beginning it was definitely something I wanted to do and felt called to do - I met Jesus at an early age - so naturally I wanted to sing for Him - but as most people do - I had my time of wandering and serving myself. Fortunately Jesus never leaves us. :) No matter how far away I went He never left - He was always there waiting or me to turn around and take His hand. Unfortunately I'm a pretty stubborn person and I typically have to learn things the hard way in order to change (however I'm working on this one BIG TIME to avoid more disasters). So, as life sometimes does - I was thrown a few "curve balls." I was young and newly married - and these circumstances or "curve balls" brought us to our knees - but mostly it showed me the pit of pride and selfish ambition I kept putting myself into. The Lord is always so quick to comfort and rescue that I barely noticed my slow progression out of the pit. I thought I had changed - so life would be perfect - :) boy was I wrong. Little did I know that was just the beginning of a 3 year journey that led to the creation of "Make A Way." And since it was released the Lord has blown us away with how much we still don't know and just how much we need Him.

2. What is your writing process for you? Do you write the lyrics first and then the music or vice versa?

Honestly I am NOT one of those prolific songwriters who are constantly writing amazing songs. In fact, more often than not I am pretty dry, when it comes to writing. It seems that I write from the exact place I'm at spiritually. I don't have the gift of writing some writers have who can always write from any perspective at any time. No, for me I have to be IN it to write it. It's something I have struggled with - as any writer would like to be able to write more... but the Lord is showing me the beauty in the process He's given me. I've learned over the years with Him that there is NOTHING he wants more from me - than JUST ME - honest and humble before Him. SO to answer your question... :) the process... I don't have a set way of doing it - but typically it's the melody first - then lyric. I always write from where my heart is at - which more often than not is from the bible study I'm doing at the moment. The Lord speaks to me in Mighty ways through HIS word - and through the teaching of some very gifted and passionate teachers. Currently I am doing the "Esther" study by Beth Moore. I'm so excited to see what songs come from this study!!! ;)

3. "Wonders" is probably my favorite song from "Make a Way". It's so beautiful. Can you tell me how that song came to be?

I love that you love this song... This is one of my favorites as well. "Wonders" started in our apartment in El Segundo CA - long before we started a worship cd. My husband kept singing the chorus over and over "Your wonders stretch across the sky" we sang it at home for so long before we ever even started working on writing for this project. It was kind of our little personal worship of how great GOD is and all HIS majesty. Then when we began working on the cd - we brought Paul in on it and finished the song. It was really powerful - all three of us worshipping together, singing the truth of how wonderful our God is. How powerful He is. He is the one true God and so worthy of our praise. The song came together VERY quickly - like 30 minutes and we knew it needed to be on the record.

4. In the past you've done BGV's for artist's like Amy Grant, Clay Aiken and Hilary Duff. You even sang "Alive" for the film Flicka. What was all that like?

This was such a HUGE blessing and encouragement to me as a young singer/musician. It was very humbling and very exciting all at the same time. Humbling - in the fact that my first "job" was singing for Amy Grant - who was my childhood "idol" - I wanted to be JUST like her growing up - and here I was singing for her... I was so humbled to be ANY part of her work - I was SO excited I could hardly contain myself! From that point on I was completely blessed to land in a world of EXTREMELY talented writers and producers who believed in me and did everything they could to see me succeed. I owe so much gratitude to Dennis Matkosky, who was the first writer/producer to "discover" me - and give me the majority of the work I've done. He not only gave me work, but in an industry that can be VERY untrustworthy, Dennis looked out for me like I was another daughter to Him. The Lord used Dennis to protect me from many things I was not ready to face. I feel so blessed to have his professionalism and kindness in my life.
When I sang the song for Flicka it was actually just a "demo" - meaning I was hired to sing the song for the songwriters - so they could "pitch" (send) the song to different artists to see if any would record the song. Then when 20th Centrury Fox was looking for a song for Flicka - "Alive" was sent and they loved my version of it. I was VERY honored. They could have had a signed artist sing it - but they chose my version - again a TOTAL blessing from the Lord. I am very grateful for His blessing and provision.

5. You've been involved with Love Works for sometime now. You even moved to Denmark because of that. What has it been like for you? It must be so different than the US.

YES - we've been involved with LoveWorks for many years now and we are SO blessed to have been able to partner with them - This is an incredible ministry of discipleship teaching people to LOVE as Christ has loved us. We are so blessed by this ministry and so honored to partner with them. Yes we moved to Denmark this past year and have been able to partner more intentionally over the past 8 months. It has been amazing to watch the Lord work through the unity and partnership of worship and His word. It's a powerful thing when people come together in Unity to worship Him and hear HIS word. There is something very special that happens when we are together and we are so blessed by them.
Denmark is VERY different than the US. We love the country of Denmark and are so blessed to walk along side so many on this journey with the Lord. The culture of Denmark is extremely different than the culture of the US - however we've grown to embrace the differences and choose to walk in our purpose and calling while we are there - UNITY - Unity in Christ - no matter our cultural differences. It's been such a fantastic journey - we are so thankful.

6. And what exactly is your role there?

Our role in Denmark is leading worship for the different LoveWorks seminars, courses and events. As well as leading worship at AVM (Arhus Velminghed) - our home church in Arhus Denmark. We also disciple different worship leaders, and musicians/bands both secular and Christian in Denmark. We are also heavily involved in the Dansk OASE movement -this is the organization who host the biggest summer camp in July - It's truly been an amazing walk together watching the Lord call so many Danes to worship Him. Denmark is such a musically talented nation - it's at times very intimidating for us - however we know what our role is - bringing them to the foot of the cross through prayer - and exploring what it means to abandon "performance" and enter into TRUE worship. It's a journey we are on together - and we are so honored to walk with them.

7. What is your favorite experience from Denmark so far?

The nights of prayer and worship at our home church AVM - partnered with LoveWorks.

8. "Revival" is another one of my favorite song's can you tell me how that one came to be?

Revival was written by a VERY talented songwriter Jess Cates and his wife Mandy. They also happen to be our dear friends and he was our worship leader at our home church in Los Angeles when we lived there. Our church was going through an amazing time of growth with the Lord. He was pouring out in mighty ways - and one of the ways was through worship.

9. What song on "Make a Way" means the most to you and why?

This is a hard one for me - cause they all mean SO much to me - some were the FIRST worship songs I EVER played - so naturally they have a HUGE impact on me. But I would have to say "This is Why You Came" means the most to me. Probably because it's the most intimate to me personally. It's my autobiography. It was written from my realization of just how messed up I was and where I would be without Jesus. It was in that place He spoke hope to me, and reminded me that was exactly WHY HE CAME. To this day that song brings tears to my eyes when I sing it. It's hard for me to sing this song live - it's still such a reminder of where I was and where I could have ended had He not saved me. I am forever grateful.

10. Do you have any plans for a new album?

OH YES! We have SO many plans it's crazy! :) Actually we are nearly finished with a Hymns EP we started a few months ago with a Danish producer... we are very excited about this project. Some of my favorite hymns with our twist... It should be done in a few months and available at our website.
We are also praying about the next worship record. We have been writing - and praying... we are waiting for the right producer - we are completely independent - so have virtually NO budget - so we are currently waiting on the Lord for this one! :) - we'd love for you to join us in prayer!!!!
We do have another project in the works as well - it's based off of the song "Alive" from Flicka. The writer/producer of that song is producing a whole record similar to that - of course the songs will be songs full of hope - This has come out of the response from "Alive" - there has been an overwhelming response for people of all ages to this song. The overall request has been wanting more songs like this - so Rob Wells, the producer, is gracious enough to help us complete this. We are praying this will be another tool for the Lord to bring people to HIS WORSHIP... we are excited to be a part of this project - we are scheduled to begin recording at the beginning of November.

11. What do you hope people will get out of your music when they listen to it?

My prayer is that those who listen to any of our music will be drawn closer to the Lord. That they will experience HIS voice through the music. That I could be OUT of the Way so HE can speak mightily to them. Worship is just another way to connect with Jesus. My prayer is that this record - or ANY record I sing on would be just that - another avenue to meet with Jesus. He LOVES His children SO much. I am so blessed to be a small part of HIS mighty plan.

12. What is your favorite scripture?

Well this is probably the hardest question for me to answer! ;) You see this one changes all the time with me - depending on where I am at with the Lord in that season... but I think the one verse that I always seem to come back to no matter what season I am in - is Jer. 29:11-13 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

Thanks again Becki, may God bless you and your family in all that you do and may He touch many lives through your ministry.

You are SO welcome.

Many blessings.
Love, Becki Ryan

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