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C.J. Bergmen Interview

This is an email interview I had with Independent artist C.J. Bergmen. Interview took place in September 2008.

First of all I downloaded "Sons and Daughters" sometime back and I thought is was an amazing album, I've been trying to tell everyone I know about it.

Can I first say just how much I appreciate you downloading the album,
listening to it, telling others about it,
and taking the time to email me. It is humbling and exciting. I
love nothing more than sharing my heart with
people, and count it a privilege that you would even ask me questions
requiring answering =].

1. How did you come to be a singer/songwriter for the Lord?

I started
writing songs when I was in college
and growing as a worship leader. I was very inspired by a couple of
worship leaders, Shane Barnard, David Crowder,
and Chris Tomlin to name a few, and wanted to try my hand at writing
songs that connect people with God.

2. What do you want people to get out of your music?

C.J.: My goal is to give people words to connect in their relationship with God. Often we have thoughts and feelings
towards God and have difficulty finding the words to put around what God is doing in our lives, I want to attempt to help people with that. Ultimately, I want people to love God more and have a deeper longing for Him after they listen to any of my songs.

3. Have you grown closer to God since you began your music career?

C.J.: Yes I have, but I don't think because of music, I think because of a
desire to humbly come before Him and allow
Him to speak and change me. Music is a means to an end and something
I believe God has called me to. I was
not ever planning on being a musician, just kind of worked out that way.

4. "Praise The Lord I Love" is probably my favorite song on the
album, how did that song come to be?

Wow, awesome! =] thanks. That one has been around the longest of all
of the songs on the CD. I originally
wrote that song on Acoustic guitar and used it in the place I lead
every week. I literally wrote it the day after I heard
a song I love called "Here is our King" by David Crowder. I thought,
"I need to write one of those" =]. It evolved a ton
as we went in the studio. I had been writing a lot trying to come up
with new material for "Sons and Daughters" and had
that piano riff that ended up in the song. I tried singing praise
the Lord I love over that piano part and it was a match made
in heaven =]

5. Which song on the album means more to you?

Definitely song #1, "The Real Me". You should go over to and click the album and then the real me
to read about it.

6. Can you tell me a little bit about your new single "It's a Secret"?

Yes, the lyrics are:
"Take your time, take it slow, save your life, lose control.
I'm on the edge of something I just can't see yet.
Seeds that fall blow away why can't You show Your face?
Take their lies somewhere else, I've been fed enough.
Half sure yet curious, I don't need anyone.
It's a Secret."

I read an amazing book by Brian Mcclaren called "The Secret Message
of Jesus"
that inspired a lot of fresh thinking. But mostly, the song is about
a non-believer who is on a journey of finding Christ. God is showing them patience
as they seek Him, what they do not realize is that if they will just give up control,
He would reveal Himself to them.
They know that something different is happening inside of them, but
they haven't had that ah ha
moment of realizing they need Jesus. God wants them to really count
the cost so that they don't
end up like the seeds that fell on rocky ground (Mark 4). They begin
to realize that the world has been
lying to them but don't understand why God won't just reveal Himself
visibly or audibly to them, silencing
all of the lies of the world in an instant. Ultimately their battle
is not against rational truth, or an encounter
with God that proves His existence, it is a battle in their own heart
to come to the end of themselves
and recognize that the need a savior.

Jesus talks all about His Kingdom being at hand. What Kingdom?
Where is it? It is within us believers,
hidden, a secret. It is not easily found. Most people do not seek
it. The path is narrow. Ultimately we don't
know if our non-believer chooses God in the end. I want this song to
be one that reminds us to continue
praying for those we know who are on this journey and asking these
questions, and I want the non-believer
to think, "finally a Christian who knows how hard it is to decide I
am going to just give it all up and
accept Christ, what a hard decision this is".

7. What's your favorite thing about performing live?

When someone walks in and can't tell if the band is leading the crowd
in worship,
or whether the crowd is leading the band in worship.

8. If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be?

Wow, hadn't thought about that before. People say the Hollywood bowl
is a pretty big deal.
I love Argentina and Eastern Europe. I don't care as much about
where as I do about who.
To worship with a great crowd of believers and watch the hand of God
move would be amazing,
which I get to do pretty much every week as it is =].

9. What's your favorite scripture?

Difficult to choose a favorite but I always come back to Romans
12:1-12, it has shaped my life in so many ways.

10. Can you tell me what C.J. stands for, or is it a secret?

Clark Jr. =], no secrets here, full name Clark Allen Bergmen Jr.

Well thank you so much for taking the time, I know your a very busy
person. God bless you and your family always.

Blessings to you, and again thank you for your interest, it
is more encouraging than you know


If anyone would like to find out more about C.J. Bergmen you can go to:
Official Website.

You can download his album Sons and Daugthers for free here:

You can listen to his album Sons and Daughters here:
Sons and Daughters.

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